About Me

A relocation to a rural setting, and a change in lifestyle to one increasingly involved in sustainable food production led me to take part in a mushroom-growing course at Keveral Farm in Cornwall, where my fascination with mushrooms really took hold. I now have many small and medium mushroom-growing projects on the go.

I believe mushrooms can help us tackle some of the environmental problems we have created, and especially to solve the many problems we have with waste management and food production. I’m experimenting with mushrooms, having fun, and learning a lot; and I thoroughly enjoy sharing this learning experience with others. Our children always spot wild mushrooms now when we are out and about; they have seen mushrooms being harvested for eating, and I believe that this practical involvement will reinforce their understanding of it being normal, right, and fun to be involved in producing your own food.

Due to my personal ethics I will only promote the growing of mushrooms on veganic, peat-free substrates, and use sustainable, low-impact, low-carbon, chemical-free methods in my workshops and my own mushroom production.

To ensure I deliver workshops effectively, I have completed an EdExcel BTEC level 4 award in Preparing To Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

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