What We Do

Mushrooms for the Masses provide practical and fun mushroom-growing workshops for adults and children of all ages. Workshops are structured to cater for the age, experience and needs of the participants, and are aimed at taking the mystery out of mushroom growing. All the techniques taught are low-carbon, chemical-free and sustainable. As well as gaining an understanding of mushrooms and the various growing techniques available, all participants will take home a starter kit for producing their very own crops of delicious gourmet mushrooms!

Mushrooms are a valuable food-source with an important role to play in our lives: nutritionally, medicinally and environmentally. By providing these workshops, Mushrooms for the Masses aims to encourage interest in the home production of mushrooms and also give an insight into the bigger picture of the world of mushrooms and the positive impact they can have within ecology. Simply by following a few simple techniques, any of us could keep a mushroom log in the garden or hang a mushroom bag in a corner and soon be harvesting our very own shitake and oyster mushrooms. These are gourmet food items which fetch high prices in shops and restaurants, yet can be easily produced at home. Growing mushrooms also recycles waste products and creates useful compost, while also making use of otherwise neglected spaces. And, of course, growing mushrooms is fun!

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