Why involve children?

  • Many children are becoming increasingly separated from vital yet basic knowledge about the sources of their food, with research suggesting that this lack of knowledge could have an impact on these children’s health as they grow older.
  • By becoming involved in the production of food, children can be inspired to think creatively about where their food comes from, and to continue to be involved in sourcing and producing food for themselves and their families throughout their lives.
  • The magic and mystery of mushroom growing can be one way of inspiring children to become involved in food production.
  • Mushrooms for the Masses provide fun and educational workshops where children get a hands-on experience, and get something they can take away and continue to learn from as the first mushroom crops develop.
  • Mushrooms for the Masses can also work with schools to provide workshops and permanent mushroom-beds as an integrated part of the school garden.
  • Workshops can encompass the five learning outcomes if required.
  • All employees are CRB checked.
  • All mushroom substrates are veganic and chemical-free, so there is no risk to health from contamination of any kind.
  • Workshops can be run at a variety of locations, including schools, festivals, fairs and other events, or at your home, or at our own base in the Shropshire hills.

Click on ‘Workshops’ in the menu at the top of this page for information about the range of workshops and courses we offer: whatever your age, experience, background or needs, we will have a workshop to suit you!

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