Why grow mushrooms..

  • Mushrooms are tasty and nutritious but expensive to buy; however, they can be easily grown on waste products, recycling the waste and turning it into usable compost.
  • Waste, food miles, and low-carbon food production are becoming increasingly important; mushroom-growing can be a key part of the solution to these problems, a solution which most of us can easily take up.
  • Nutritionally, mushrooms are high in protein, calcium and fibre, are rich in antioxidants and many important minerals and vitamin D. They are also low in fat.
  • Mushrooms can be cooked in many different ways and can add tremendous flavours to many recipes.
  • Mushrooms are known as ‘nature’s recyclers’ and are essential to our woodlands and pastures.
  • Research is also ongoing into the medicinal properties of mushrooms, and their potential uses in habitat restoration.

Workshops can be run at a variety of locations, including schools, festivals, fairs and other events, or at your home, or at our own base in the Shropshire hills.

Click on ‘Workshops’ in the menu at the top of this page for information about the range of workshops and courses we offer: whatever your age, experience, background or needs, we will have a workshop to suit you!

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