Mushrooms for the Masses offers a variety of workshops, courses and activities. A tailor made package can be devised from a variety of fun and practical mushroom based education and cultivation activities, depending on the nature of your event. All of our employees have a full CRB check which can be made available on request.

I have a range of classroom based resources to be used in conjunction with the practical sessions. All participants will have a bag of their own mushroom spawn inoculated substrate to keep, monitor and, providing instructions are followed, enjoy mushrooms from. The depth of learning will be adapted depending on the age group and the very tactile practicals are enjoyed by all ages.

At festivals and events I run workshops for children and/or adults depending on what is required. Again, all participants will take a bag of mushroom spawn inoculated substrate with them. Where facilities provide and the ability of the group is appropriate logs can also be inoculated with spawn.

Mushrooms for the Masses can also be booked to run a course or workshop for adults which contains an element of classroom based learning as well as the practical. The aim of this is to equip participants with enough knowledge to go and grow their own mushrooms by a variety of methods and to know when things are not working out and what action to take.

Please contact me for an informal e-mail chat and no obligation quote. I can then call you if need be to discuss detail. Mushrooms for the Masses is committed to being accessible to poorly funded but interested groups and prices events accordingly.

E-mail me at mushroomsforthemasses [at] yahoo.co.uk or use the e-mail form on this website.

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